What is CodeEval?

Quite simply, CodeEval is a platform to make effective technical hiring decisions by viewing live coding solutions.

Have you ever tried hiring a programmer? Then CodeEval is for you. Resumes just don't cut it. Phone interviews are very subjective. When an employer opens a requisition, they are inundated with resumes. How does one decide which one to dig deeper into? Is it an art form?

Today most employers want to see live coding samples to make a better judgement. But not everyone has open source contributions to point to. An alternative would be for employers to ask candidates to solve a programming challenge. A very effective technique in identifying stong candidates early.

But it's a very time consuming process. Download the program. Compile it. Execute it. All the while hoping it is not a virus disguised as a program. Now repeat for the remaining applicants.

The problem with the above approach is that:

1. It is time consuming
2. Typically one would want to run the code through several commonly used tools available e.g. to detect code quality, memory leaks, adherence to standards etc. Running the submitted program through all these tools means more time being spent per resume.
3. There is no historical information to compare against. By the time you reach the 10th resume, you no longer recollect how the first 9 performed.

That's where CodeEval fits in. Just create a requisition describing the position and then create a challenge. Point all candidates to it and just sit back. The input submissions are evaluated automatically and run through a list of tools (configurable by the employer) and a CodeEval Score is generated. The CodeEval Score is an indication of the quality/strength of an applicant. You can then just proceed with the top few candidates and rest assured that you have the most promising candidates to choose from.