We've Launched Social Features!

As our community continued to expand, we realized that we needed to evolve into something more than just a place for developers to work on coding challenges. We needed to build a community to help developers with what they do best - Coding. 

Earlier this year, we launched completely new profiles that were elegantly designed with details on your code such as speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We also allowed you to rank and compare yourself against other developers.

This launch went better than expected and many of you have emailed in requesting social features. Today, we're excited to announce that CodeEval now supports features such as messaging, connecting, teams, and following.

 We've designed these features for the purpose of building a more engaged community where developers can learn from one another and connect with the world's best talent. 

If you have any feedback or have suggesting, please let us know at 


In the meantime, let's connect!

- CodeEval Team