Plagiarism Detection

One common question we always got asked was "How do you know if candidates/students have just copied someone else answer and just sent it in?". Till now we did not have any effective tool to detect this. Until now...


Now CodeEval can detect similarities between submissions and flag those that are very similar (say > 80%). e.g.

The above image shows that CodeEval detected the fact that submissions by two different candidates was alarmingly similar to each other. Although this does not establish that they indeed did cheat, it flags them for further review. On clicking the icon, employers can view the side-by-side diff report of the submission. e.g.


Hopefully this should be an effective tool for employers to detect dishonesty during the submission process. NOTE: it is almost impossible to truly detect cheating. A candidate could see anothers solution and then write his/her own program from scratch using a slightly different logic. Or refer to textbooks / internet for the solution and then tweak it. Chances are that if multiple candidates do it, we will still detect it. But it's not a foolproof process. Also, a flagging of a submission DOES NOT mean that they truly cheated. They could have come up with similar logic entirely interdependently.  A flagging just means, "Hey, we are alerting you to the fact that these submissions are very similar to each other." It's up to the employer to interpret it and act accordingly.