Free resources for startups

Being a startup means your are probably cash strapped. You should try and leverage as many free resources out there as you can. At CodeEval we use several of these, so thought I would share some of them. Some are pretty common/obvious, some not as much. Feel free to add to these in the comments section. All these free plans have some restrictions, so check their websites before use. In no specifc order, they are:

  1. CodeEval :)
  2. Pbworks ( - we use this to maintain some of our internal docs, share with dev team etc
  3. Github ( - they have a free plan if you make your repo public
  4. Unfuddle ( - they provide git / svn hosting for free - upto 1 private repo
  5. Rightscale ( - If you are using EC2, you can use their dashboard for managing your instances
  6. Posterous - well, you are on their site right now :)
  7. Picnik ( - If you wanna edit images for your site
  8. Google docs / analytics / mail - you can get an email with your domain name for free e.g.
  9. Mixpanel ( - real time analytics
  10. Gliffy ( - flowcharts / wire frames etc
  11. Basecamp ( - projrct mgmt / collaboration
  12. Skype - duh...
  13. Dropbox
  14. Meetup ( - Meet like minded folk from your industry
  15. Privacy Policy (


About CodeEval

CodeEval is a platform for auto evaluation of programming challenges. It can be used by employers to screen technical candidates and also by freelancers/developers to sharpen their skills by competing with their peers.