Real World Challenges

This morning you may have noticed we released a different type of challenge called "Find Flight 370." Give it a shot when you have a chance.

We're experimenting with adding more of these types of "real-world" challenges which utilize actual datasets to see if we can leverage the power of our community to solve real problems in the world.

Hard computer science challenges are great for prepping for interviews and brushing up on your skills but we've increasingly received requests to build challenges that are more interesting and can affect the world around us. 

This is just our first experiment see if we can help "Crowdsolve" big problems related to humanitarian, environmental, technological, and social issues from healthcare to medicine to poverty. As the world becomes more interconnected, we want to build tools to allow developers to change it. 

We need your help in spreading the word and giving us feedback. Email our team or leave a comment below.