CodeEval Now Supports R and Visual Basic

Today we're excited to be adding on support for two new languages: R and Visual Basic which means that CodeEval now supports 20 different programming languages.

R and Visual Basic are the two languages that have generated the most requests to be added. They're also ranked #10 and #12 on Tiboe's language popularity index which is important for measuring our own data on the most popular programming languages

R Language in particular has grown tremendously in popularity over the last year in and we've seen an overwhelming demand for the language with attention big data and computational statistics is getting. 

  • Primarily used for statistical computing and data mining
  • Increased popularity in 2014 (Rank 15 to Rank 12 from October 2014 to November 2014)
  • Implementation of S programing language w/ lexical scoping
  • Interpreted language similar to APL and MAT Lab

Visual Basic .NET has been around for a while and holds a strong presence in certain applications and areas.

  • High level programming language created on the .NET framework
  • Market share staying in place for 2014 with incremental growth
  • Object oriented language with a collection and library of objects
  • Generally easier to learn than Visual Basic because for the built-in libraries from .NET
  • Derived from BASIC programming language with a GUI to compensate for the leaning curve. 

If you have other languages you'd like to see, email our team at We'd love to hear from you.