Making CodeEval load faster.

We've had some tremendous growth in the last number of challenges that developers are submitting and that's necessitated some time devoted to Dev Ops.

We're seeing that we've got some performance issues caused by some of the new features we've launched around profiles, rankings and searching for other developers. Since we've been running those in real time, the extra features and capabilities have impacted the speed of the site and caused the page load to cross the threshold of unacceptability.

To combat that we're making a couple of changes; upgrading some databases and moving the ranking system to non-realtime and calculating rankings recurrently in the background, at least for a while. Perhaps not quite optimal but if the ranking is out of sync by a few minutes it's probably a good trade off until we can get the ranking data sorted out in a way that we can move it back to real time.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.