The New CodeEval Leaderboard & Ranking System

We're bringing some incredibly cool changes to how our leaderboard works.

Our old leaderboard ranked on a pretty damn simple formula; how many challenges you've successfully passed, but that's far from perfect.

Today we're announcing the beginning what is going to be the most comprehensive scoring and ranking system that anyone's ever built. The new leader board show below provides and example of the first of many step we're taking to provide a ranking system that is the most relevant to every developer.


This first step outlines some of the changes that the new leaderboard offers including challenges passed, languages used in successful challenges, and 'Ranking Points', the system we're using create the ranking. You can find out exactly what criteria we're using by logging in and clicking the information link at the top of the leaderboard page. 

There's more that's done and in development but to display all of the filters in a way that makes the information as clean and useful as possible we're going to need a major overhaul to the front end, which we're working on.  

Have any ideas that could help us improve these rankings? Leave a comment and let us know.